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Hiya guys, Steph again. For anyone who's still watching the journal, this is just a quick notice to say feel free to use the occ community rizumikaru_ooc to keep in touch with players from the community and what not ♥

Goodbye ♥

Hey guys, Steph here.

I'd planned on giving the community until June/July, however it's all been far too slow since returning from the hiatus and I've come to the difficult decision as creator and head mod, to close the place.

None of the comms will be deleted and nothing in them will be deleted either, however, by the end of the month, the taken character list will be cleared and commenting on the communities will be frozen.

It was a great run, and I'd like to thank everyone who made RY what it was, without you guys it wouldn't have run this long!

Hope to see you all again some time!

Good bye! ♥


Okay, Steph here and I have a few things to announce.

First of all, I'd like to welcome Mari nwoppertje to the mod team. She'll be helping out around the place now, and you can find her contact info on the mod's user info.

Second, many of you will have noticed that the community has been rather inactive since starting back after the hiatus. I'd like to apologise for this. Unfortunately, there have been talks about closing the community as the moderators are beginning to lose interest in the game. With the new addition to the team though, we hope to get things up and running smoothly again and have you all interested in the game and plot!

With that said, some of you will remember the poll we did a while back, asking you all for your input into events that could happen around the city. We hope to start incoperating these into the story, as well as some events involving Mafia people. We want as many people as possible to have an active involvement in the city and what goes on in it, so we'll be aiming events at different groups. So make sure you have ry_news added to your friends lists!

Those of you who have been here for a while, will remember Rufus as being the secret head of the rebellion. With Maddie's agreement, this has now changed. An NPC which will be making posts through the rebellion journal will now be the head of the operation. So please make sure you have ryrebellion added to your friends lists! You should be hearing from them soon!

Sadly, if things don't pick up, there is a chance the community may be closed by June/July time.

I was going to do an activity check over the next week, but after thinking over this, I'll keep it until we have things running a bit better again.

Despite the inactivity of the community, we have had new people joining, and so please rememeber to visit the friends add to make sure you have everyone added to your friends list, and also to use the friends remove to get rid of characters that have been dropped from your friends lists. And remember that if you're going on hiatus or dropping a character to let us know.

Well, that's all for now! Look forward to seeing more activity around the place!
Okay guys, it's now the 31st and you've had almost a month to let us know if you were staying. These are the characters that didn't make it through and will be removed from the taken character and friends add pages.

Kallen Kozuki redhead_rising
Allen Walker clownmusician
Lady/Mary outlaw_lady
Valentine Wiggin xyourvalentinex
Tachibana Itsuki tachibanaitsuki
Yazoo acheron_vn
Larsa Ferrinas Solidor xlarsax
Riku ebbxandxflow
Fletcher negativecomment
Sanosuke Sagara hire_fighter
Cho Hakkai tenpouu
Kurosaki Hisoka himitsu_soka
William Kaplan scarlet_magic42

If you play any of these characters, you will have to wait two weeks before being able to reapply.


Hey guys! Maddie here. Just wanted to let everybody know that we will be having a "WB RY!" chat on AIM on Saturday, January 24th, starting at 9:00pm GMT (4:00pm EST, 1:00pm PST). It will go until there's nobody chatting anymore.



Okay guys, this is a very important post, especially if you're on the list below.

Basically, this is for anyone who may have missed the 'are you staying?' post, or may not have been around those weeks.

If you're on the list below, you have until JANUARY 31 2009 to reply to here, or, like in the activity checks, you will lose your character and will have to wait two weeks before you can reapply.

If you know that anyone on the list below is having computer troubles or can't get online for whatever reason, please let us know, and we'll let them by.

Kallen Kozuki redhead_rising
Allen Walker clownmusician
Lady/Mary outlaw_lady
Valentine Wiggin xyourvalentinex
Tachibana Itsuki tachibanaitsuki
Yazoo acheron_vn
Larsa Ferrinas Solidor xlarsax
Belphegor demone_principe
Riku ebbxandxflow
Fletcher negativecomment
Sanosuke Sagara hire_fighter
Cho Hakkai tenpouu
Kurosaki Hisoka himitsu_soka
William Kaplan scarlet_magic42
Kaiba Mokuba mybrotheriscool

If your character is on this list and is staying, please fill out the following form:


Hey guys!

You'll be glad to know that the RY hiatus is now over!

BUT before you start posting logs and in journals again, there's a few things we'd like to bring to your attention.

• The plot page has been updated. You can see the changes here.

• To move the plot along more smoothly, we now have an ooc/news journal. ry_news. This will be updated weekly with newspaper reports and events!

• You'll notice, if you check the rules, that we are now PANFANDOM.

• The applications have now been changed. When you apply for new characters, please make sure you check the rules first.

ryrebellion has been updated over the last week. We now have seperate posts for members of the rebellion, the government and the mafia. Please make sure you check the journal and comment to any posts which are relevant to your characters.

• We'd like to make the posting of applications in a character's journal (either on the profile or in a journal entry) compulsory. This means that other players can read your applications without trawling through the application post. Please note that a lot of old applications have been screened and need to be viewed through the journal with which they were posted. If you contact a mod, we can unscreen them for a short time. We are also making the posting of concrit posts in character journals compulsory. This makes it easier for other players to give feedback on the way you're playing your character. Please make sure you have these both in your journals as we'll be checking up in the next couple of days.

• Finally, so as players can get more familiar with each other, we have a mun profile page now. This is an optional post on the main journal (which you must join to view) with a profile that you can fill out about yourself. The post can be found here.

With that all said, we're now open and running again, so feel free to get back to posting!!

Your lovely mods~ ♥


Hey guys, with only two days left of our hiatus and the mods being busy busy to get things sorted for you, this will be your only reminder to post a comment to THIS POST before Monday.

If you don't post there, you run the risk of losing your character. Like in the activity checks, a list of characters will be placed up and given a week to reply before they are removed from the taken character list. People will have to wait the usual two weeks before re-applying.

Remember, if you're a member of a Mafia Family, of the government or if you're a rebel, posts will be appearing in the rebellion journal for you to comment to. You will be able to use this posts to view other characters like your own and to discuss with them any plot ideas etc.

Thanks guys.


Character Information Post

In order to correctly adjust the Taken Character's list, we need to know who is staying. This post is not a discussion post, it is simply a head count.

If your character is staying and does not need his/her information changed, please copy the text in the box, fill it out, and comment with it below. You'll notice we are now asking for your character's stance on the music ban.

If any of your information or your characters' information has changed, please copy the text in the box, fill it out and comment with it below.

Please bear in mind that this is not the discussion post.

If you wish to drop a character, please post to the DROPPING/HIATUS post.

At this time, we are not accepting applications for new characters, though you may feel free to reserve a character at the RESERVATIONS post.