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Okay guys, it's now the 31st and you've had almost a month to let us know if you were staying. These are the characters that didn't make it through and will be removed from the taken character and friends add pages.

Kallen Kozuki redhead_rising
Allen Walker clownmusician
Lady/Mary outlaw_lady
Valentine Wiggin xyourvalentinex
Tachibana Itsuki tachibanaitsuki
Yazoo acheron_vn
Larsa Ferrinas Solidor xlarsax
Riku ebbxandxflow
Fletcher negativecomment
Sanosuke Sagara hire_fighter
Cho Hakkai tenpouu
Kurosaki Hisoka himitsu_soka
William Kaplan scarlet_magic42

If you play any of these characters, you will have to wait two weeks before being able to reapply.