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+Alright, class! Pencils down! Rizumikaru Yomi is now CLOSED until midnight on January 19th. During this time we will be adding in your suggestions to the plot, adding new features to the community, getting rid of inactive characters, and just generally doing cool revamping things. ♥

+Within the next couple days, we will be posting a thread to the OOC in which everybody can discuss the changes to the community, as well as with their own characters. This thread will also be open to general plotting.

+Please remember that if you are making major changes to your character(s) that you talk them over with the players of the characters that these changes will affect. They at least deserve a heads up, right?

+We also ask that nobody post in their character journals at all during this time. The OOC is open to posting as you please. If you have logs going on in the logs community, it is fine if you finish them up, but please do not post any new logs until we reopen. They will be taken down. Somebody tried to post one up and it has been deleted as we warned one sentence ago. Please remember NO NEW LOGS UNTIL WE REOPEN.

+Thank you for your patience while we change things around a little bit. We look forward to seeing your ideas and your feedback!

Hi guys, your friendly local mod-types have had a productive discussion, and this is a warning to everyone in the community, that as of 5TH JANUARY 2009 (MONDAY) we will be going on a two week hiatus. :D

During this hiatus we will be working on adding your plot ideas to the community, creating a new "RY News" journal to help keep the plot more on-track and cleaning out inactive characters.

This is your chance to drop that character you've been holding onto but not doing anything with, or if it appeals to you more, resetting them. This would mean that everything that has happened to them would be erased and you could start from scratch with them. Alternatively, you can simply hold on to your character and keep them as they were.

Important: If you choose to reset/change your character, and the change will affect another player/other characters, make sure to discuss it with the mun in question. However, if a person has discussed it and worked everything out between characters/players and still decides to change/reset their character(s), others should not pester or harass them about it (but should keep in mind the effect the changes will have on their own characters.)

This is a FULL COMMUNITY HIATUS, so please, for the two weeks that we are officially on hiatus, do not post in your character journals, or the log comm. Also, please do not app for new characters. Posting to the OOC comm/the dropping thread is alright, if you decide to drop a character.

And of course, you are free to continue rping over aim, and post the logs when RY returns full-swing.

We will be posting a discussion thread soon where character changes can be discussed. If you have any questions, please ask.

Poll time!

Ooooh, how exciting! A poll! These are the ideas you guys submitted, so now you all get to vote. Select as many as you like, please only do this one time, per player to keep things fair.

Poll #1316271 Guiding the Plot--Give us your input.
This poll is closed.

Which of the plot events below would you like to see? (Check all that apply)

Gov't/police raids of individual homes for musical items (not mandatory for your character--you decide if you want to participate or not)
Forming an organization purely for going after musicians--this involves stepping up on raids and such
Gov't uses contract with Shinra to send Turks after musicians and after "Diamond"
Battle of bands with auditions--top five or six only to be included in show
Open rebellion/log post where members talk to each other ONLY in codenames, to get more character-to-character interaction "via the internet"
A public trial, widely-publicised, following a raid on someone's house/apartment or at one of the music events
A big rave in the middle of the city in protest against the ban.
Someone hacking all of the electronic billboards in the downtown area and playing music videos on them.
Filling the jails in the area like the children in Alabama did in 1963. (Link below)
Christmas party, separate from the Masquerade. Possibly in a public place such as the park.
Broadcast BoB on billboards, then hack again and broadcast a rave

Got another idea? Write in your idea here.

*Alabama Children's Crusade, 1963

Poll closes at 11:50 PM EST on December 31, 2008.

[Burn, baby, burn! Disco inferno!]

[If you have TV or radio on at all during the day, you would likely see or hear this newscast. The whole city is talking about it, so even if you didn't have TV or radio, surely you'd hear about it from your friends. The news is in all of the papers--today's front page headline. Many people seem to be in an uproar, and the city is even more divided over the issue than they have been in the past. Were the police in the wrong or not? Were the rioters? Just who, you might wonder, is the bad guy in all of this chaos?]

"Late last night, police from across the city joined forces to raid one of the largest underground clubs in Rizumikaru. Fortuna, a club owned by two local residents, had been operating illegally since the music ban passed. Police have been trying to shut it down for a long time now, but they were not anticipating the sheer success of their efforts. Over 60 club-goers were arrested last night, but not before riots and protests broke out inside and outside the club.

Investigators aren't sure which side started the fire inside the club, but with the large quantity of alcohol inside it was only inevitable the flames would quickly spread to the bar. After a large explosion, the fire spread to several nearby buildings. Firefighters are still struggling to put out the flames and so far six have been killed in the blaze.

Most of the buildings in the path of this fire are office buildings or shops. The 5000 to 6000 block of 22nd Street is currently closed to traffic as firefighters work to contain the fires and keep them from spreading any further.

As always, city officials are concerned for public safety. If you know anybody who is involved with music, or if you suspect a club is operating near your home, it is important to let the police know at once, for the sake of your loved ones. You can always report anonymous tips to the Music Hotline, [phone number/email]"


Dec. 15th, 2008

Hey guys, quick note to say that I've made a reservation post. Just to make it easier for mods to keep track of applications and reserves. So, from now on, if you want to reserve a character, please go HERE.

Also, you'll notice that there's now musical notes everywhere. I recently discovered the wonders of the windows character map, so that's why.

That's all, expect a poll sometime in the next month with all your ideas in the planning post.

And since this will probably be the last thing you hear from me until then, I wish you all happy holidays, whatever you do or don't celebrate~ ♥


Just a friendly reminder!

Hey you guys, Maddie here. It's getting close to the end of the month, so I wanted to remind everybody, myself included, about the WINTER GIFT EXCHANGE.

If you can't do it, I need to know ASAP, or if you can find somebody else to do your assignment, let me know.
Hey, guys. Maddie here. We wanted to let everybody know that we've better fleshed our warning system and changed a few things. Here's what you need to know about it:

  1. We are keeping the three warning/strike rule. Players get two warnings and are completely removed from the game on their third.
  2. Players may reapply or reserve again three months from the date of their removal from the game.
  3. Players receiving warnings will be messaged through LJ with the offense committed and the actions needed to be taken to correct it with a date by which it needs to be corrected. If it is not corrected by the date given, the player will be notified of an additional warning. This will not apply for players on hiatus. They will be notified when they return.
  4. If, after two consecutive months, no more warnings accumulate, all current warnings will expire.
  5. Warnings will be given for breaking the rules, anything in Roleplay Etiquette 101, being rude to a mod, or stepping incredibly out of line on an issue that has already been decided on.
  6. From now on, concerns about being ooc or god-modding will be run past Steph, our head mod. You may either go through another mod about it, or you may go to her directly. Her decisions, while final, will be discussed with the other mods before being put into place.

Drop your questions, concerns, or suggestions about these changes here, please.

So this is what I come home to?

I really don't think I should have to come back from seeing my grandma for the first time in three years to people who can't follow the rules. ~_~ (That face? It's my disappointment and displeasure. Daddy doesn't like having to come home and be the bad guy.) I don't know why this is so hard to get through the heads of some, but for the final fucking time:

If you need a refresher course on what is and is not allowed CLICK THIS.

If I ever have to say this again, I will quit or I could be joking. Maybe. You'll never know. Everybody should read the rules. Everybody should know better. We are giving out warnings for this, no exceptions. It's not like you can't ask a mod questions before you post something that might contain god-modding. We're available for questions and consultations.

My point is this: The rules are easily accessible. The mods are easily accessible. USE US before you make a stupid decision that could land you in a pile of warnings, okay? We don't like having to be mean. Maybe just a little.


Activity check is over and those who did not reply have been removed. Anyone wishing to reapply for their character must wait two weeks before they can apply again. Please note that those players whose character have appeared more than once on activity checks may be turned down for lack of any activity in the community.

Please go here and copy/paste the text below to remove characters.

The Friends add/remove has also been updated accordingly.

Hey guys!

Please continue to post your ideas OVER HERE!!

Next week I'll make a poll with all the ideas and we'll decide from there which ones to go ahead with.

Also, four days until the activity check ends. Go have a look make sure you're not on it.