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In this city music is a whole world of rebellion, of thrill, of passion and of course, of sex and drugs. It is a guilty pleasure and a taste of the forbidden; a world of smoke filled underground clubs with bright lights and large crowds.

Music isn’t what it used to be: it’s a dangerous pastime. One that could get end you in jail.

Step into a world where you break the rules, where you risk losing everything, where the stage is only for a few and fame comes with a higher price than ever.

Its been almost four years since the last street protest but lately word has been spreading through the underground of a new rebellion, led by mysterious men in masks. Perhaps they can succeed where others have failed, and bring an end to this reign of silence...

Rizumikaru Yomi is a multifandom, AU roleplay set in a fictional future Japan, in a fictional city where music of all genre has been banned, causing the music scene and its supporters to go underground.


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